Use For Youtube

You Can Use My Music On Your Youtube Videos...if you buy them from a place like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, etc. that's fine. You can use any of my tracks anytime you want on youtube. There's over 100 tracks to choose from.
Youtube will put ads on or next to your video but they will not take your video down and your channel will remain in good standing. You will get an email from Youtube saying you are using content owned by a 3rd party, but you do not need to worry about that, that 3rd party is ME and my partners :) So It's All Good XD
NOTE: If you use Bandcamp you can get any type of file AIF, WAV, MP3 etc. for the same $1.
Scroll down on the right hand side to review earlier albums, click "More Releases".

If you want to license my music for bigger projects or use my music on a youtube video that you wish to monetize for yourself, you can license it through Jingle Punks.